Update on March 30, 2020

 Dear Church Family and Friends,

On our church email, website, and Facebook, we stated that we would suspend meeting times until the end of March.  Since our state and federal governments (along with the CDC and other health institutions) are still recommending that we keep our gatherings to a minimum, we will continue suspending our meetings until restrictions are lifted. Please stay updated and connected through email ([email protected]), Website (www.firstruidoso.com) and our church Facebook (accessible on home page of website).  We plan to send out some developments and improved communication steps in the next day or two.  Check back often.

I want to further encourage you. It is our civic and Biblical responsibility as believers to keep this virus from spreading.  Since we don’t have a vaccination/inoculation for this virus, our chief defense against this virus is social distancing. Interpersonal relationships are built into the very DNA of humans.  God designed us to have a relationship with Him and with others. We are designed to function in community and SPREAD the gospel of Jesus.  We still have the mandate to “Go Make Disciples” while we stop the spread of this virus. How can we do this? I encourage you to invite friends/family/neighbors to watch and listen online to our worship times. This will give them a non-threatening way of seeing the church without coming into the physical building. This will also give you a chance to have spiritual conversations with people you are trying to reach with the gospel. Send people scripture or spiritual quotes and ask them to comment.  It will give you a “spiritual pulse” on where people stand with Jesus.  This is NOT a time to spiritually isolate ourselves, but a time to use social media and other technology to boldly share the good news about Jesus.  We may also be called upon to help others. If able (and prudent given your health susceptibility), minister to others as best you can (dropping off food to a neighbor, picking up needed supplies or medicine for someone in need, etc…). Above all, stay in the Word and pray.  This keeps you recognizing that we serve a Savior who knows what we are going through and who is able to empower us by his grace, and through His Spirit, to face one day at a time.  Keep resting in the love of Jesus!

Missing but praying for my Church Family,
Pastor ToddFBC Ruidoso app  

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